Pair Full Grain Leather fingerless lace arm long gloves Steampunk Gothic Vintage

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steel boned arm corset gloves
Fingerless Gloves
Unleash your inner kink when you wear these Gothic leather fingerless arm gloves. These gloves lace up for a secure fit. The soft leather and simple design of these gloves make them a great option for club wear as well. creating a sexy / edgy look.
Fingerless gloves are like peep toe booties and shooties for your hands.
The glove itself adds an eye-catching textural element to an outfit. while the exposure of fingers adds an extra interesting dimension.
Sold as a pair.
For sizing please use your clothing size as we have categorised the pattern accordingly.
small size for UK size 6/8 . Medium 10/12 . Large 14 and XL for plus sizes.
Small for size 4. 6. 8. 10.
Medium for size 12. 14.
Large for size 16. 18. 20.
XL for size 20. 22. 24.